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Chance discoveries of mosaic pavements in the 18th and 19th centuries showed that a substantial Roman complex lay to the east of the Minster beneath Vicars’ Court and the Residence and their gardens.

Consequently when it was proposed in the late 1950s that the new Minster School be constructed in this location, the Ministry of Works proposed that  excavations should be carried out.

One of the mosaic pavements in the south wing. Burials above the mosaics in the south wing. THE DISCOVERY OF THE ROMAN VILLA Images from Charles Daniels’ excavations courtesy of the University of Nottingham Archaeology Museum THE PAINTED WALL PLASTER Some of the plaster at the moment of discovery on the Daily Mail of May 13th 1959. The bottom of the plunge bath with the plaster still lying on it (visible as a dark grey spread of material). See N. Davey and R. Ling (1981) Wall-Painting in Roman Britain (London).