About Us


Southwell Local History Society was established in 1983 and runs a full programme of lecture meetings and outings throughout the year.  The programme, whilst interesting and varied, is aimed at both local history and subjects of wider interest.  Over the years the society has encouraged members to publish a variety of books that have covered many aspects of history in Southwell and District. Visit our ‘Publications’ page to see our current range of books.

Guided tours of Southwell

Members of the society will be pleased to take groups on guided tours around Southwell. Duration 1 1/2 to 2 hours.  Contact our secretary to discuss your requirements

Contact: The Secretary, Carol Fitzgerald
Email: carol@southwellhistorysociety.co.uk

IMPORTANT NOTICE – Open for business again

Good news! Meetings are to commence on Wednesday 29th September.  Our first meeting will be: ‘The History of the Bramley Apple’,

Speaker: Roger Merryweather

Please see the Programme page for details of the October and November meetings.

Coronavirus Crisis

Covid-19 is going to be one of the significant events of the 21st Century.  In future years historians and scholars will be searching the archives to try to understand the effect that the pandemic had on individuals and communities, whether that be personal, social or economic. No doubt those who keep diaries are recording their thoughts, feelings, fears and noting important milestones.  If you are not an avid diarist, you may wish to become one for the duration of this modern-day plague.   You may wish to forward your recordings to Southwell Local History Society (mike.kirton@southwellhistorysociety.co.uk). It will be useful to have contributions from wherever you live.

Join us on FaceBook

The History Society administers a very lively FaceBook page with about 1000 members, you are welcome to join and contribute to the lively debate about local history.